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Sharon P. 06/26/17

My husband and I are both retired and think it was a great idea to add senior priced 'Buy 5/Get 6th 50% Off' packages and that you were willing to do that for loyal people who come in on a regular basis. We do appreciate it!

Robert S.

Nutrition Response Testing 06/22/17

Working with Dr. Deb has actually prevented me from getting sick in a multitude of areas. I've never taken a sick day at work and I attribute that to the chiropractic maintenance.  I believe in chiropractic and in the philosophy of just getting adjusted.  I don't have any back issues but every once in awhile I might have back pain.  Dr. Deb is very thorough. She's very into the patient, cares about them and wants to help them.

Deb S. 

10-Day Sugar Cleanse 01/30/17

Since the cleanse, my body feels less stiff and achy, and my lower back and wrists hurt less!  I also lost 3 pounds, so I'm happy!

Angelica V.

Results for 10-Day Sugar Cleanse 01/19/17

I feel great now!

I did the cleanse because I wanted to reduce brain fog and my food cravings, especially sweets.

I got that, plust my skin feels softer, I lost weight, and really everything feels so much better! I will recommend this to my friends who are dealing with food cravings like me. I'll probably even do it again.

Ratings on 1 to 10 Scale Start: 1/6/17 End: 1/16/17 Results

Energy Level




Restful Sleep








Cravings for Sweets/Snacks




Afternoon Headache








Jan K. 

10-Day Sugar Cleanse 01/27/17

The cleanse helped me feel 'cleaned out' and ready for the New Year.  The hardest aspect of the cleanse was eating enough vegetables. During the cleanse I thought about the "forbidden" foods but didn't crave them.  Diets leave you craving and this cleanse didn't trigger that.  By the end of the cleanse the sweets/snacks craving went from a 10/10 to a 2/10 rating (10 being the highest).

Heather R. 10/15/16

I have been going to Dr.Deb. for several years now.  She is an excellent practitioner, thorough, kind and compassionate. She is great at diagnosis and I always feel better after a session with her.

She has a wide knowledge of nutrition and health in general the compression massage that is on special right now is awesome.It really detoxes, so follow her instructions and drink lots of water. very effective treatment.

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Adelaide D. 10/12/16

I'm still a relative newcomer to chiropractic care and all of its alternatives to traditional health care.  

One of the tools which I recently experienced was DMT (Decompression Massage Therapy).

For the last 1½ years, I’ve had a pain on the top of my left foot, which slowly progressed to being daily.  

I literally had to calculate every step I took for fear of pain no matter what kind of shoe I wore.  

More than once, I had to abandon my walks and limp back to my car!  

An x-ray and MRI showed nothing wrong.  

Out of frustration, I even got a cortisone shot, which didn’t help.  

When Dr. Sampair suggested we try DMT, I had nothing to lose.  

As she worked her magic, she informed me that I had scar tissue there.

After the DMT, I walked back to my car as though my foot had literally been unwound, like the workings in an old fashioned clock.  

I had my former foot back!!  

It has been 2 weeks since I had the DMT treatment (decompression massage therapy) and there has been no recurrence of my foot pain.  

I’m excited about sharing this amazing outcome with others.

We value our patients' experience at Hands On Healing Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, we encourage you to download and complete our Client Experience Questionnaire.

Katherine M. 10/07/16

Dr. Sampair adjusted me and what I have found now is that I feel lighter (though I haven't lost an ounce).

I'm walking easier, and the Supraventricular Tachycardia that I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago, isn't bothering me anymore.

I was having tachycardia all the time and haven't had an episode in a few days.

Also, the bursitis in both my shoulders is gone.

I have been able to move my arms like I haven't been able to for several years.

It's working!

Jim S. 09/21/16

Dr. Sampair transformed my life in only two weeks!  

For years and years and years, I have suffered from pain in the muscles of my neck, shoulders, mid-back, lower back, arms, wrists, hands, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and feet.  

I was pain-free most of the time after only four chiropractic adjustments and two decompression massage therapies (DMT).  

Without that constant pain to manage, I actually feel younger.  Not just a little younger, I feel a lot younger!

Sue L. 07/22/15

I had fibromyalgia with extreme fatigue, arthritis and also ADD.  

Before I went to see Dr. Sampair for Nutrition Response Testing, I was in bad shape, with disabling fatigue, pain and or muscle spasms in almost every area of my body, some up to 10/10 on the pain scale, major problems with acid reflux and bloating.  

My left elbow hurt to even have it brush up against anything, let alone actually move it or use my arm.

I couldn't go to Home Depot or Costco, because the cement floors hurt my hips and legs so badly that I'd be in tears within a few minutes.  

I had uncontrollable shaking in my body, and my brain was a complete fog, and I couldn't concentrate or remember very well.  

I was also pretty depressed about everything. Since I've been working with Dr. Sampair, my symptoms are sooo much better!!

I can zip through Costco, with no pain, I can work all week and then do yardwork!

I can clean the house, cook and even go for a hike! I am off of my Zantac and have no bloating or heartburn.  

My brain fog is gone, and the ADD and depression is much better.  

My pain levels are greatly reduced everywhere, and no more pain in my elbow!  

I am getting better and better,

I feel like I'm 10 years younger!! 

Thank you Dr. Sampair for your help! I highly recommend her because she has such an amazingly positive attitude that is contagious and she really believes in the amazing ability of our bodies to heal themselves.... and will help you to do that!

Christopher S. 12/25/14

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